Transferring Observations to Excel™

To transfer your data to Excel™, first highlight the section of your email from “-=Session Summary=-” to “-=End Raw CSV Data=-” and copy using your keyboard command.

Now, in a open, blank, Excel™ sheet, click on the first cell.

Now paste from your keyboard command.

To place the data in columns, leave the data highlighted (selected) and go to to the Excel™ ‘Data’ menu and select ‘Text to Columns’.

This selects Excel’s™ Wizard. Click ‘Next’.

On this screen check the ‘Comma’ box and then ‘Next’.

Now click the ‘Finish’ button.

Your data are now separated into columns and you may adjust the column widths as desired to view the data. This screen shows just the raw data section.

One last little cosmetic change is often useful to make a more pleasing table to print with button labels.

First highlight the button summary section.

Now move the section two columns to the right.

Now highlight the button names and types - just these two rows and copy them using your keyboard commands.

Next move your cursor and highlight the two columns as shown.

Now in the Excel™ ‘Edit’ menu, choose ‘Paste Special’. Check the ‘Transpose’ box and click ‘OK’

The labels and type are now lined up properly and the resulting table can easily be copied into other documents.