Logbook Additional Web Data Analyses

ABC Logbook performs significant analyses within the app itself. Also, it exports raw data in a CSV format that can be pasted into Excel for user created analyses. We also provide the following web tools for specific very complex analyses. Simply copy the raw data section of the email data output and paste into these web tools. The beginning is indicated by "-=CSV Data=-" and the end has the phrase "NOTICE: Start of Data Export" in the comment field. (note that the raw data are in reverse chronological order).

To compute reliability, paste a data session into the reference and comparison boxes respectively. For the session analysis, only a single session can be processed at a time.


Event Reliability (user specifies maximum 'leeway' i.e. time offset to be considered a match)

- http://cbtaonline.com/abclogbook/tools/eventReliability.php


Interval Reliability (user specifies an interval length to overlay the data)

- http://cbtaonline.com/abclogbook/tools/intervalReliability.php



Session Analysis

Quantitative, Pattern, and Conditional Probability Analyses (based upon user selected interval overlay)

- http://cbtaonline.com/abclogbook/tools/intervalAnalysis.php