ABC Logbook

ABC Logbook available now from the Apple iTunes Store!


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ABC Logbook.

A significant addition to the ABC suite of observation/data collection apps. Designed for speed and ease, ABC Logbook is a data collection app that permits simultaneous observation of large numbers of behaviors for many individuals, with sophisticated data analyses and reliability calculation. It was designed to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, school psychology, and clinical psychology, as well as researchers conducting observational studies.

Logbook allows ad hoc recording of comments and notes. Like a paper and pencil based logbook, ABC Logbook is always ready for use at the moment needed. That means it can easily be used when the observer is also a interacting with individuals, eg teachers, therapists, parents, self, etc. In these situations, the observer/participant needs a very easy to use tool that does not require continued attention to specific time intervals.

Logbook automatically takes care of time information. Logbook can also be used by a dedicated observer, such as when collecting research or intensive analysis of individuals or groups. Logbook remembers where you left off so as soon as you wish to record, it presents the last screen you used. Switching between behaviors, individuals, and groups is very fast with just a few screen taps and does not delay recording. Logbook allows behaviors to be clustered by individuals, and individuals can be clustered by groups. In turn groups can be clustered in folders. Excellent tool for consultants who collect data in many different settings for numerous clients. Also appropriate for use within a classroom or by a therapist for extensive recording of individual client events.

It includes access to a free inter-observer reliability program that allows the user to easily compare observations and select parameters to calculate both event and interval based IOA. In interval mode, Cohen's Kappa is calculated in addition to the traditional Agreements divided by Agreements and Disagreements. Further, errors of omission and errors of comission are highlighted in a display of the data stream to enhance error resolution and speed training of observers in achieving reliability.

Primary Features:

  • Ad hoc recording
  • Over 100 different behaviors or events per individual can be recorded in one session
  • Record individuals
  • Organize individuals within groups
  • Count
  • Count/minute
  • Proportion
  • Precise time logging of each event
  • IOA calculator, event and interval
  • Automatic count analysis matrix
  • Save button labels
  • Identify observer, setting, context for observations, etc in emailed data
  • Add notes and comments about session
  • Add notes and comments for each occurrence of behavior
  • Record group event
  • Export data via Email
  • Full data export - chronological order
  • Full data export – chronological order for all group's and individual's events
  • Select date and time range for data export for group/individual
  • Formated for Excel™ (copy, paste, auto setup)
  • Duplicate individual/group configurations for re-use
  • Share configurations with another user via Email
  • Review on device stored recordings
  • Store on device multiple individual's/group's recordings
  • Multiple "Folders", each with data collection configurations composed of groups, individuals, and behaviors
  • Includes access to a free web-based visual and quantitative detailed pattern analyses with conditional probability analysis.
  • Includes access to a free web-based inter-observer reliability analysis program that allows the user to easily compare observations and select parameters to calculate both event and interval based IOA. Automatically calculates traditional IOA & Cohen’s kappa. Includes a color-coded output format of the data stream that highlights disagreements and facilitates error resolution and observer training.