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NOTE: Our software is compatible with iOS 11. We can not and do not guarantee it will be compatible with any future Apple™ iOS releases. Determinations for possible future compatibility can only be made at the time specifications for new IOS versions are made public.

Software to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, school psychology, and clinical psychology, as well as researchers conducting observational studies.

  • Designed by: Raymond G. Romanczyk, BCBA-D and Jennifer M. Gillis, BCBA-D. Built by: Michael Purdy
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Our suite of apps provide free:

Web-based Analyses.
Vivo Analytics uses web-based analysis tools, which are free.
Inter-observer reliability.
Easily compare observations and select parameters to calculate both event and interval based IOA. In interval mode, Cohen's Kappa is calculated in addition to the traditional Agreements divided by Agreements and Disagreements. Further, errors of omission and errors of comission are highlighted in a display of the data stream to enhance error resolution and speed training of observers in achieving reliability.
Conditional probability.
The literature presents several different arguments about calculating conditional probabilities. Our analysis tool therefore calculates conditional probability, proportion probability, and co-occurnece probability.
Session Analysis Metrics.
Quantitative presentation of count, duration, interval, and proportion. User friendly tabular format.

Vivo Analytics for iPad and
Vivo Trainer for iPad now available!

This is the most advanced of our apps. It is an elegant app to analyze video as well as perform in vivo observations. Please download the FREE Vivo Trainer before purchasing Vivo Analytics. Vivo Trainer is fully functional to collect observations and train users. It allows you to assess it's capabilities and our free web analysis tools and determine if Vivo Analytics will be cost effective for you.

Please read the information here carefully to determine if our apps are applicable to your needs BEFORE purchasing.

Comparison of Vivo Trainer and Vivo Analytics

Features Vivo Trainer Vivo Analytics
Multiple recording modes
In app help videos
Ad Hoc recording
# of different items (behaviors or events) that can be recorded in one session 9 (27 in FBA mode) 27
Record individuals
Organize individuals within groups
Partial Interval recording
Whole Interval recording
Momentary time sampling mode
Precise time logging of each event
Set audio interval alerts
Set interval length timer
Set session length timer
Pause timer
Each button configurable as count or duration
User defined button labels
User defined button colors
Save button labels
Save multiple sets of button labels/configurations
Duplicate individual/group configurations for re-use
Share configurations with another user via Email
Multiple user(s) "Profiles", each with data collection configurations composed of groups, individuals, and behaviors
Identify observer, setting, context for observations, etc in emailed data
Add notes about session
Add notes for each occurrence of behavior
Record group event
Delete mistakes in real time
Preserve log of deleted items
Review on device stored recordings
Store on device multiple individual's/group's recordings
Full data export - chronological order
Full data export – chronological order for all group's events
Select date and time range for data export for group/individual
Data output formatted for Excel™ (copy, paste, auto setup)
Export data via email
Export CSV file Excel™ can open
Count analysis matrix
Proportion, partial interval, whole interval, and duration analyses
FBA analyses
Conditional probability analyses
Conditional probability co-occurrence analysis
Event based IOA
Interval based IOA
Calculates Cohen's kappa
Color code IOA disagreements